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AVHS Point System

A motivated student may earn more credits each semester than is possible in a traditional program by completing all in-class work and extra work at home. It is important for students to realize they are responsible for the pace of their credit accrual.  
Points are earned based on completion of course assignments. Total points earned throughout the semester depend upon the student’s mastery of the course content. Credit is earned in increments of 5, unless otherwise specified. Grades are earned upon completion of a class. (See individual course descriptions for more details)
                             15 points = 1 credit
                             75 points = 5 credits or one semester
A general guideline used by teachers is that students should earn 10 points in every class every two weeks. 75 points equates to five credits, or a semester’s worth of work to be placed on the transcript. All points are awarded for work that is directly aligned to school, district and state standards.  While each department may use different rubrics for different assignments, an overreaching philosophy held at Alta Vista is that work that is done at less than 70% quality is not accepted. Students must revise the work in order to receive points or credit for the work.