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WASC Commendations

1. Caring, Collegial, and Capable staff
The AVHS faculty and staff are marked by an extraordinary level of commitment to both their students and their own professional growth. Morale and collegiality are high, with staff obviously enjoying work together and holding each other to high standards. Staff is visible on campus long after school is out, and the most commonly heard refrain from students and families is that the staff at Alta Vista really care about their kids. 
2. Engaging, Rigorous, and Personalized Instruction
Classroom instruction is marked by high levels of student engagement with tasks that are at grade level and generally require higher‐level thinking skills. Teachers balance high expectations with appropriate levels of support and opportunities for students to self‐pace.
3. Intensive Supports for Students’ Personal Needs
Alta Vista offers on‐site case management to address any barriers that prevent students from learning. Students’ psycho‐social needs are identified and addressed though case management, counseling, health services, mentoring, tutoring, and referral to outside services for a myriad of problems. By directly addressing these needs, students are safe, supported, and able to focus on learning.
4. Stable and Supportive School and District Leadership
Alta Vista High School is supported by an administrative team and School Board that show a deep understanding of and commitment to the school, its purpose, and its students. Appropriate financial and human resources are allocated, and the board and district leadership show a clear commitment to and understanding of the school’s unique role in the district. Board support and stable site leadership has enabled long‐term change on campus and significant change in the reputation and perception of the school in the community.
5. Engagement with Families and Community  
Alta Vista parents and families speak very highly of the school, the staff, and their student’s experience on campus. They report great satisfaction with the quality of teaching and learning, communication, campus environment, and best of all, the changes they see in their students since coming to Alta Vista. The local community is also highly engaged with the school as volunteers, mentors and tutors.